Frequently Asked Questions

I am a shop/business owner. How do I participate as a business in the sale? 
Check out our Become A PBC Shop tab from our menu. 

I am a shop owner but I am not in the current round of shops. Am I allowed to post links to my shop in the sale group? 
No sorry. This is not allowed. Each shop applies and pays to be in the sale if chosen. Part of this privilege is being able to exclusively promote themselves to the group. If we see you posting links and you're not in the current round. Your comment will be deleted. If you're a repeat offender you'll be removed from the group. 

How are the shops chosen? 
Each shop applies to be in the sale. After applications are submitted they're chosen by the owners of the Planner Boss Collective to participate in the current round. 

How often does the PBC Sale take place?
Sales take place three times a year in January, May & September. 

When will participating shops be announced?
Shops are announced the first of the sale month on the website. They're announced slowly on Instagram up until the sale starts. 

Are the shops the same each time? 
No. Each sale you may see some familiar shops but we try to mix it up and give you some fresh new businesses to choose from. 

When will my order(s) ship?
Please refer to each shop's shipping policies found on their Etsy shop page or shop website page. If you have a question about shipping times, please contact each shop directly as the ship time will vary from shop to shop. Also check the shops social media posts. They often put important reminders there.

I'm looking for THIS type of sticker? Do you have it?
A great place to ask that question is in our Sale Group? During each round participating shops are allowed to market themselves in the group. You're free to ask questions about specific items you're looking for.